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    (Fees for Schematic Design Services may contribute to payment for full Architectural Services)
  • 3D Models and Renderings - Contact Architect for more information. 

Typical project structure

Typically, the Architect is responsible for the design process,
while Contractors are responsible for the building process.

getting started


Call to set up a meeting!  After our meeting to discuss your project, and what you need to get started, We can develop a proposal identifying scopes of services, fees, and schedules to fit your needs.

Some preliminary information is necessary to get a project moving. If the Owner doesn't have that information, we can include getting that information as part of our services.  



Q: Do I need a Permit?
A:  Usually, a permit is required. The kind of permit you should apply for depends on the level of construction activity being proposed. While some permits take longer to process than others, the permitting process is not as difficult as it sounds. Some permit types might be obtained in a same-day time frame. 

Q: Do I need an Architect?
A: While having a licensed Architect is always a good idea, it's often a requirement depending on what you're doing, and what kind of permit is required. 

Q: What does an Architect do?
A: An Architect preforms many tasks. Aside from designing the aesthetic of a project, an Architect usually details how the project is put together - from patterns in the floor tile to the water-proofing details around the windows. The level of design is sometimes subject to discussion; some clients prefer basic documents necessary for permitting, and would like to leave finish detailing up to themselves. If  consultants such as Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, or Structural Engineers are involved, the Architect coordinates their professions with the overall design of the project. An Architect researches code, and coordinates with permitting authorities in the permit review process to address any questions or comments. Permitting authorities an Architect might coordinate with depend entirely on the project, but might include Safety & Permits, the State Fire Marshal, the Department of Public Works, Health & Human Safety, design review commissions such as the VCC, HDLC, or any other authority responsible for Permit Approval. 

Q: What else does an Architect do?
A: An Architect is typically the Professional Of Record. Having a Professional Of Record is having a single contact point for responsibility over the design of the project. In the Construction Administration phase of a project, the Architect periodically observes the work and reviews Contractor pay applications.

Q: Why is Construction Administration helpful?
A: When a Contractor makes a bid based on drawings by the Architect, the Contractor binds himself to build the project designed by the Architect. In the Construction Administration phase, the Architect's job is to observe that the Contractor appears to be building what they were contracted to build. The Owner should not have to pay for work not preformed, and the work should be preformed to accomplish the design the Owner expected from the drawings. The Architect is not responsible for construction (that the Contractor), but he acts as another set of eyes to periodically observe whats going on.




Q: Who picks the Contractor?                                       
A: The Owner picks the Contractor. Upon request, the Architect can assist the Owner in finding or picking Contractors. 

Q: What Is a Contractor Responsible for?
A: The Contractor is responsible for the means and methods of construction.

Q: Who picks/hires the Engineers and Consultants if            they are necessary?
A:  If necessary, the Architect typically contracts with engineers and supporting consultants. 

Q: What do I need to get started?
A: Basic information required to begin any project. The Architect can assist the owner in getting that information.  

  •     Do you have a Survey & Elevation Certificate?
  •     Do you have a program? What Spaces do you want, what spaces do you need? What are the requirements of those spaces?  


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